If you will check a porn website then you will notice that in every minute few homemade videos get uploaded by regular people. The most surprising and shocking thing about these hot and sexy videos is that you can see many teen girls in it. Sometime these teen girls shoot them by themselves and sometime other do the recording and then we see those hot videos on the internet. Here you might be wondering how so many hot and sexy videos come one the internet in regular manner and why there is no control on it.

To answer these questions, here I am sharing my opinion about the same. I feel many time a teen girl record her hot videos just to pleasure her boyfriend and when she send it to him then it goes public from boyfriends side. I am not sexysaying this is the only reason because of which this kind of clips goes on the porn websites, but this is one of the most common reasons for same. I know this because I got a chance to talk to some teen girls and they shared this thing with them in detailed manner and that is why I can blame guys for same.

Other than this, I talked with some of those teen girls also that actually posted their own clips on the internet. Those teen girls told me that they actually do not care what others say about them. They just post their hot videos so they can get popularity and they can get in limelight. They said they are inspired by all those young teen girls and boys that get popularity using YouTube or other social networking websites. Just like those other boys and girls, these teen girls also try to get popularity by posting their hot and sexy videos on the internet or on porn websites.

Other than this, you can also find some videos in which girls do the striptease and other sexual things for her boyfriend on webcam. For this kind of hot videos I do not need to explain that boy record everything while watching

the show and after that they share it with rest of the world using porn websites or other mediums. I am not sure what I should say about this kind of guys because I feel it’s a mistake of girl and boy both. If a girl is doing something like this then she should do it only for a boy whom she trust else she might face this kind of complicated situation.

Other than this some other reasons can also be there because of which you can see this kind of hot and sexy videos on the internet featuring you and teen girls in it. In case, you are a young and hot teen then I would just suggest you that be careful while sharing any of your hot video with your friend or boyfriend. And if you are doing a webcam chat, then make sure you do naughty things only if you are sure about intention of your chatting partner.