A tradition from 18th century has been revived in this 21st century i.e. the trend of getting the bodies inked. People used to modify their bodies with tattoos which were considered as sexy girlcustom and tradition then. But now tattoo has become a hottest trend. People get their body inked to flaunt it with style and glamour. It is regarded as a sign of fashion and style.

Tattoos are made by inserting permanent ink in the skin. After the insertion of ink, the tattoo will get flashed which will become normal in 4-6 days. It is a painful procedure but people are ready to take this pain to represent their depth of love for someone or something. Tattoos usually give some message or represent some special connection of the person with the inked thing. To represent a divine connection with God and their faith people make religious tattoos. People get the name of their loved ones inked to show their sincerity and love. In short, in today’s time people will find thousands of excuses for getting their body tattooed because it is the latest sign of coolness, fashion and moreover a passion.

Even after getting so much recognition, tattoos are still considered to be the sign of bad people. In some areas and some class of society, it is still associated with crimes and other negative aspects. A tattooed woman is still not considered good by some people. Inked bodies are considered to be the signs of escorts. But this approach is getting fade in west and now it has been widely accepted

by the people of all class and societies. Now a tattooed woman is considered a diva and a style icon. This acceptance has given it a wide range of designs and styles. There is an ample collection of mind blowing tattoo designs in the market now. So get yourself a tattoo to flaunt it in the parties and enlist yourself as a tattooed woman because without this you are not completely trendy and classy.